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Habanero Chili Salt

Abbreviation for size: g/3.5 oz

Habanero Chilli Salt

(100 g/3.5 oz)

Put the salt and pepper shakers away and leave this Habanero Chilli Salt on the table. It is the only thing you need to add flavor to any dish. It comes in its own grinder and with just a few twists, you have already added salt and added plenty of heat to your favorite dishes. Our chilli salt is super easy to incorporate into your everyday cooking.

This Habanero Chilli Salt is the perfect blend of red and yellow African habanero peppers from small-scale South African farms, and natural sea salt harvested from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the African West Coast.

We are so excited to share this salt with you, it is truly going to take your cooking game to the next level!

“This Habanero Chilli Salt from African Dream Foods was a bit of a revelation for me!” – Shay Tressa DeSimone

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