African Dream Foods Display Shipper DS-000 – left angle
African Dream Foods FLOOR DISPLAY SIDE VIEW – right
African Dream Foods FLOOR DISPLAY SIDE VIEW – left

Abbreviation for size:

Display Shipper – Empty


African Dream Foods display shipper can be purchased separately to our products (i.e. just the cardboard floor display structure). This gives you the perfect opportunity to have full control over what products you want to fill it with. Also a great option if your current shipper has gone through some wear and tear in your store and you need to replace it.


Assembled Display Shipper Dimensions (W×DxH)”: 12.6×12.2×50.4
Packaged Display Shipper Dimensions (W×DxH)”: 40.5×17.5×2.0
Assembled Display Shipper Weight: 5lb 1oz
Packaged Display Shipper Weight: 6lb 10oz

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